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Hey, I'm Nuclear.

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Hi, I'm Rashid Kurdi, Rayray for short i am 15 years old, born in Sf California and lived in Amman, Jordan

I don't work apart from helping my dad in his shop on weekdays, and taking care of my snakes cage.

My hobbies include: Swimming, Gaming, Skateboarding and parkour.

I mainly play Csgo, but invested alot of hours into Dota 2 and must say im pretty good at it.

I've been on outbreak for about 2 months and mostly spend time on jailbreak, although no ts, still working on trying to work it :P

My ingame name is my forums name ;3.





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2 hours ago, Skeff said:

Howdy Rayray. How long have you been swimming for?

Been swimming since i was 6 years old, had a club membership my uncle used to take me to and only started getting serious last year.

1 hour ago, Chris Lord said:


Thanks, Should be my new theme song ;3

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