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Hey, I'm Nuclear.

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Hi, I'm Rashid Kurdi, Rayray for short i am 15 years old, born in Sf California and lived in Amman, Jordan

I don't work apart from helping my dad in his shop on weekdays, and taking care of my snakes cage.

My hobbies include: Swimming, Gaming, Skateboarding and parkour.

I mainly play Csgo, but invested alot of hours into Dota 2 and must say im pretty good at it.

I've been on outbreak for about 2 months and mostly spend time on jailbreak, although no ts, still working on trying to work it :P

My ingame name is my forums name ;3.





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Nice to see you here Nuclear, you've definitely become significantly less whinny and aids since you first joined the server, so that's great to see. Hope to see you on Teamspeak once you get that working.

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Hey seen you on the server loads good to see you on forums and hope to see you on teamspeak welcome to the forums

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2 hours ago, Skeff said:

Howdy Rayray. How long have you been swimming for?

Been swimming since i was 6 years old, had a club membership my uncle used to take me to and only started getting serious last year.

1 hour ago, Chris Lord said:


Thanks, Should be my new theme song ;3

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