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Fast Linky

Hello :)

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Hello! My name is Mike or Fast Linky, you might have seen me on the server sometime's.. you guys dont me to good but i think this app will help you know me better.

Name: Mike

IGN: Fast Linky

Age: 13

Country: Belgium

Langue: Dutch

Rank: No one cares.

Favorite Game: CS:GO

uhhm yeah, i dont know what to say anymore.. so this was my introduction! Hope you know more about me know :D

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Hi friend. What's your rank? Jak and I are decent players but we have alts where we hang around silver and nova level giving tips to players to help them escape it, to get away from the trolls and smurfs. Shout us if you see us about and we'll be happy to help. :emoji_u1f605:

Hope you enjoy your time here!

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Belgian invasion? Pls no 



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Don't worry raw, this is part of my Dutch revolution. The Belgians are our allies :)

welkom Linky, have seen you around and you seem to have a lot of fun on the server, so enjoy your stay at our even more fun forums. 

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