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Sorry to spoil this, but: There's someone behind you!!


Hi, I'm Andre Tarasov i am 19 years old, born and raised in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

I work as a Programmer/Junior Security Penetration Tester and have been working for 2 years now and i also have ownership in a Food Store located in Colchester.

I now have more time, and i will be active a little bit more <3, And if anyone wants help with any of my hobbies, i am willing to help!!

I have a passion for programming, hacking and playing games. I love being around nice people and being a part of something bigger. I have small puppy named "Jackie" which is a tiny chihuahua <3

My hobbies are: "hacking" electronics (My parents hate me for this xD), programming (Python, Assembly, Javascript, Html, CSS, C) and last but not least - playing CS:GO on this server.

I've been with Outbreak nearly 4 weeks now and i have finally decided to introduce myself :), i am glad to be part of this community, and would gladly help this server reach it's full potential.

My in-game name is ColdMeekly <3, thanks for reading.



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Hey meekly

I hope you like it here
I was very into programming and hacking and that stuff but I stopped because I was busy maybe we can talk about it I would be very interested 

hope you have fun on the jb server and ts :)

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Hello meekly.

On 13/05/2016 at 20:15, Skeff said:

Hello, always good to see more programmers join the community.


On 13/05/2016 at 14:01, Popey456963 said:

Assembly programming?  Yuck.  

What kind of things are you programming with Assembly meekly? Sounds depressing. 

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For all you people wandering, i use assembly in order to optimize my applications, and to make sure that they run as efficiently as possible. Once i have thoroughly tested an application and have compiled it, i will take a look "inside" to see how the compiler has translated my code. And if there is something that is useless, or is just wasting the processor's time - i will fix it :P

#The More you know

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Assembly is a pain, especially when compared to a high level language but when you understand the basic logic behind it I feel you can do wonderful things with it. Personally I've had very little experience with it, part of my course was about the bridge between C++ and assembly but I didn't really do that as it wasn't fully needed, but I'm willing to try more in the future.

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