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Outbreak, its tags, and the wider community

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Hello all,

As you all know, Outbreak uses and maintains a whole number of tags through which members can represent our community. These range from OB|Admin to OB|Regular, and they were introduced to allow us all to represent the community that we play every day. But they come with several expectations, and the first is to simply embody the values of Outbreak - a place to have fun, a welcoming community, and a place of respect. This is the golden rule of wearing tags on other servers, and whether regular or owner, it is expected of you at all times.

So to hear that our members, moderators and regulars have been banned from multiple servers for freekilling whilst wearing our tags is not only disappointing, it's damaging. Conor and I work with multiple server administrators from different communities in order to make the wider community a better place. We share tips, reports, updates, releases, ideas, important individuals to ban, exploits and a myriad of other information. When those same individuals, who I'd like to think we've developed a good, working relationship with, are forced to message us to report that they're being harassed by our community, you can imagine how angry we feel. Without these important links our ability to build a better, wider gaming community is lessened, as is our place within it. When you, members or otherwise, attack other servers, advertise OB, and troll in the name of OB, you don't help us - you hinder us, and it's frankly an embarrassment.

So how about this: Anyone who trolls "as OB", by using our tags or otherwise, has no place in our community. The tags are worn by all of us, and thus the actions of one colour the actions of all. If you cannot help but be a dick, then at least have the sense to de-tag before you go elsewhere.

This is, I would like to think, the only time we'll speak on this.

The OB Staff

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