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General Fitness/Health Thread

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It's not a height thing, my friend can't event put his arms straight cause he started the gym at 14. It can literally fuck your whole body up, from joint problems in your mid 20's, the main problem will be back.problems because your bones and muscles haven't fully developed.

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It's not a height thing, my friend can't event put his arms straight cause he started the gym at 14. It can literally fuck your whole body up, from joint problems in your mid 20's, the main problem will be back.problems because your bones and muscles haven't fully developed.

The main thing is form on your lifts, if you practise proper form, your joints will be anything but worse, if not better.

For example, people doing half squats, instead of going to parallel or ass to grass (which uses more muscles), they instead stop before reaching those, basically meaning their knees are stopping the weight. Bench pressing with flared shoulders, deadlifting with a rounded back, doing rows with a rounded back, etc. These are all pretty avoidable, but not everyone cares about form.

Another thing to bare in mind is your posture, lifting can improve it, but if you have pre-existing problems like rounded shoulders or lordosis, it can exacerbate them. Easily fixed through stretching though and paying attention to it though. :^)

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This thread seems untouched...

However i am a fitness freak at the age of 15 i weigh 13.85 stone and have been lifting for 8 months now at the start of 2014 i was a measly 10.2 stone, looking down at my scales dissapointed i started the gym and started to eat shit loads of food, i had a challenge week where i ate on average 4-5k calories a day :O yes i know its fucked up but it was great!

My records are:

Bench 85kg

Squat 95kg

I have never tried to deadlift because im clumsy as fuck and will kill myself somehow...

EZ preacher curl 37.5kg

1 arm dumbell concentration curl 18kg

Drink Water for sexy women in your bed...

Please let me know your records, im fascinated even if you are way higher or even way lower than me!

Deadlift is the lift I found the easiest starting out, grip is starting to fail though

This guy is very helpful:

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I exercise my lungs smoking and my stomach drinking. The thing is I'm pretty healthy, I'm not fat and I'm able to run a bit without spitting my lungs out.

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I used to go to the shop to buy cigarettes, lugging an entire packet back with me. That kept my cardio up and probably balanced out, if not entirely negated the effects of smoking. Though I might actually join a gym if I can be fucked.

But I probably can't. Though if I did, it would be pure weights as I don't do running.

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Well I've started walking to work, well walking to the bus stop, then walking from the bus. The bus -> the office is 10min or so.

Edit: Since I've been couped up inside for the last few months this is actually good for me. Additionally I tend to walk up to morrisons for a weekly shop, which takes about 20 minutes for one way and 30min when I'm carrying loads of shopping.

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serious posts pls kty

Plenty of other forms of cardio Venga, rowing is least impact and a good overall body workout. All sorts to choose from through.

Lifting is my main focus though, it's already improving my looks by filling out my frame especially in clothing, self confidence, stress relief, mood improvements from them endorphins, just being stronger for tasks that require it, balance, more aware of my body and how it works, posture, etc. Plus it just kills time that I'd otherwise have spent sat at home anyway.

My diet isn't perfect but healthier, only drink water, at least one fruit and two veg a day, enough protein.

Having to eat more to bulk up has been the hardest thing but now I'm used to it, around 3000 calories a day give or take.

another based youtube channel

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Currently running every morning 2 kilometers with nylon,boxing 4 times a week and swimming sometimes

Benchpress record 130: 3 times

Deadlift: 150 ( I dont do it allot becouse i have back issues)

Squat: 120 but i dont do allot of legs in the gym becouse i run alot and do skipping at the gym

KO record : 1st round 20 seconds uppercut to the liver and right hook to the chin

Swimming record 50m freestlye 28,5 not that good but i dont have the right body for a swimmer

I drink every day 3 liters of water minimize my food no bread or sweet stuff

Ive done in the past some hormones clenbuterol and some other stupid shit, trust me its not worth it buy yourself some nice milk protein, creatine even amino acids its all good :smile1:

Good luck to all you guys trying to become big :smile1:

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I currently don't fitness cause of my stretched muscle

Thats no excuse maher!

I worked out my full upperbody whilst in a wheelchair with broken fibula and tibia which are the 2 bones on your lower leg.

however just be careful and dont overdo shit... you might aswell let your muscles rest and repair just remember not to eat as much if you are not exercising.

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Don't work out anymore, didn't do any high weight shit, low weight high reps is where it's at fgts. Still do my boxing, used to jog and work out every day but can't anymore cause I work so much, no time and energy, work keeps me fit though cause it's all fucking heavy lifting n shit. thinking about getting into the gym rather than working out from home, better equipment n shit

that's all

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