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General Fitness/Health Thread

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I know not all of you are basement dwellers and I'm curious to know what everyone does for fitness. :smile1:

Lifting, running, rowing, climbing, sport of any kind.

Right now I've been into lifting for 5 months, my cardio isn't too regular but I like rowing as it's easy on the joints, need to get our rowing machine at home fixed.

Current stats (5 sets for 5 reps excluding deadlift):

Bench: 50kg (weakest lift had form issues lel)

Squat: 75kg (coincidentally my bodyweight at 6ft 3")

Deadlift: 120kg (gonna have to start using hook grip/straps/mixed grip as my double overhand is failing)

Overhead Press: 40kg (favourite lift)

Routine: https://www.muscleandstrength.com/worko ... ce-workout

Highly recommend that everyone gets into it.

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I've been going to the gym for around 6 months regularly. Usually do a 10 Min warm-up run followed by workout focused on 2 main muscles eg. biceps + back.

Current Stats:

Bench: Max - 80 kg

60 kg 5 sets of 5

50 kg 3 sets of 12

Dumbbell: Chest Press - 40 kg

Bicep Curl - 28 kg

Shoulder Press - 30 kg

Usually skip leg day so not going to include squad weights.

Deadlift - around 100 kg (don't do this often at all, even though I should)

Also not included all machine weights and workouts, but don't know those exactly.

Don't really have a set routine, try to go as often as I can (usually before school), which is around 3-5 times a week. When I do go, I just cycle through muscle groups every time I go, meaning that one day I do chest and triceps, the next time I go biceps and back, and so on.

Also want to say that going to the gym with friends and working out with them is a lot more fun than going alone, so if you are thinking of starting to work out, try to find a friend to do so with you.

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This thread seems untouched...

However i am a fitness freak at the age of 15 i weigh 13.85 stone and have been lifting for 8 months now at the start of 2014 i was a measly 10.2 stone, looking down at my scales dissapointed i started the gym and started to eat shit loads of food, i had a challenge week where i ate on average 4-5k calories a day :O yes i know its fucked up but it was great!

My records are:

Bench 85kg

Squat 95kg

I have never tried to deadlift because im clumsy as fuck and will kill myself somehow...

EZ preacher curl 37.5kg

1 arm dumbell concentration curl 18kg

Drink Water for sexy women in your bed...

Please let me know your records, im fascinated even if you are way higher or even way lower than me!

EDIT: i measured my biceps and they were 39cm which is 15.4 inches... personally at 15 years old i think that is impressive and earlier today i broke my bench record which was 85kg and now 90kg.

Re-Edit: Today i benched 105kg, i am feeling proud :D.

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Currently doing rock climbing as a sport.

I've been at it for quite the amount of years, Was at my prime when I was 13 maybe, Including first place in all of Ireland.

Now I do it to keep fit a few days a week, and the rest of the days I use on my pullup bar and doing situps,

Situps: 5 sets of 30 reps with 30 second breaks in between

Pullups: 3 sets of 10 reps with a minute break in between

Also holding myself in pull up position with one arm at a time for a minute on each arm.

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Was talking to you about this last night (assume that's where inspiration for said thread came from). I follow a 12 week set with a friend and we usually do a 3k tread or cross (depending on how we're feeling) to warm up as he swims and I used to run so it isn't a lot for us (tho gets pretty sweaty in recent weather).

Current stats for the ones you mentioned;

. Bench: Max 40kg

Sets of 12, 10, 8, 8 - increasing 5kg each set

. Squat: Max 50kg (my body weight, similar to you)

Sets of 15, 12, 10, 8 - increasing 5kg each set

. Deadlift: Max 60kg

Sets of 20, 15, 12, 10 - increasing 5kg each set

. Overhead Press: Max 20kg

Sets of 15, 12, 10, 8 - increase depends on the day, might start lighter as often first thing I do in the shoulder set

The set I'm doing atm : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1wKNM ... 0JUWjEzRzQ

Been going almost 2 months.

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All this talk of exercise is making me feel ill.

I played the clarinet for a year or two :)

Also, Taylor, you know seriously bulking up in your teens like that can totally fuck your growth spurt? It's not recommended to gym intensely before you have finished growing

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Clap-Clap-Clap, clap your hands!

Clap-Clap-Clap, clap your hands!

Alright now, to the left!

Take it back now yo!

One hop this time.

Well I have currently been inactive with sporting lately.

That maybe because of the moving to the Netherlands.

I have been busy with boxing as a sport, maybe like 4-5 hours a week or so.

We usually do set-ups and stretching before we start off anything, and maybe at the end of the training session we got to sparr one another.

And I might be joining a baseball team, that depends if I get to find the gear to protect your balls.

I think it's gonna be 6 hours a week of training.

I also ride my bicycle everyday to get to school and back.

So basically Monday-Friday. I think it's like a 20 minutes ride from my house to school, so you can imagine. But it's pretty heavy because of the summer here with the weird ass temperature swaying back and forth.

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I'm quite active, the main thing I do these days is endurance trekking. So over a weekend me and a few work people will aim to achieve something in a walk, last weekend we did Mount Snowden's Watkins path, which is the hardest path. A few months ago we walked from the south to the north of Dartmoor with a wild camp somewhere in the middle, that one was about 30 miles with a 15kg pack.

Less often now I cycle, but I usually do a 14 mile ride along a railway path in about an hour if I'm fast.

I'll probably start doing something more serious when I can afford to keep doing it.

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Been waiting for this for a long time!

I do know my maxes I think:

Bench - 61kg

Squat - 101kg

Pull to bench - 60kg

Upright Row - 40kg (I think).

I haven't done my deadlift as of yet, but I reckon I could get around 60-70kg, maybe less or maybe more.

I am 17 and am just under 6 ft (about 5'11 and a half) and weigh like 10 and a half stone (so like 60-65 kg?)

I did all my weights training with my rowing club and it was all freeweights, no gym machines. All of my maxes improved by quite a bit over the winter period (first maxes taken in October - latest in about March time I think?). I plan on buying my own benches and weights to fit in some extra weights training during the summer.

I row about 4-5 times a week, including races (regattas) EVERY single Saturday through June and July, with some in May and August. I have not done weights training in a while, simply because we have needed to get out on the water and get some water mileage, in preparation for the regattas. An average water outing is probably around 10km, although it could be more, especially if we go out to sea and in those water outings we do 'pieces' or firm bits of work e.g. 6 minutes of high pressure in the water.

I play rugby, usually training once a week with matches on a Sunday afternoon. However, rugby has stopped for the season until August.

I also lifeguard once a week, which is basically a fitness session on a Friday evening, consisting of lengths and lifeguard skills etc.

I used to do Karate as well, got my black belt in 2010 but I quit about 3 years ago, which actually led me to start rowing.

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I also ride my bicycle everyday

Typical Dutch fagg0t

Fock off, leave me and my 3 personal bycicles alone!

Also I have recently got back into running. Currently am only doing 5Km 3 times a week.

But i'll soon work up to 10Km and more.

Keeping track with my FitBit.

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All this talk of exercise is making me feel ill.

I played the clarinet for a year or two :)

Also, Taylor, you know seriously bulking up in your teens like that can totally fuck your growth spurt? It's not recommended to gym intensely before you have finished growing

Yeh i know :( which is why i am only 5"11 however my mum is only 5 feet so i did well :P

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