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Intro :D

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Sup guys, im w33zy (Rob real name) i`ve been playing some jailbraik for couple of weeks now. its pretty fun and new for me but i am enjoying the jailbraik server much. Ive seen the most members lately online so sum of you remember me 8-)

Im from the netherlands . 23 years old. i love football,css,hanging out,doing nothing, being lazy, dont work. :D:D

soooooooooooooooo i will see you guys in game :D

p.s can i just donate for the server and for the models? ( i dont have to be a member right or do i ? :D )

peace! :P

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Yap, i've seen you on recently. Nice to meet you properly!

You can donate without being a member.

Welcome to forums C:

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