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Found 1 result

  1. Sir_Conor

    Outbreak's Secret Santa 2016

    Yo Ho Ho and a Very Merry Christmas! Welcome to this years Secret Santa! Just like last year there are a few rules So please read them before signing up You MUST be a Member, Veteran or be approved my me. If you'd like to take part and you aren't yet a member, apply now! You'll still have to trial, so do it early. You must spend between 7 and 15 pounds. Please don't go under as it's cheap, and don't go over because not everyone is made of wonga. Christmas is expensive enough as it is. If you sign up, you must at least make a wishlist so your secret santa has a rough idea of what to get you! If you sign up, you MUST deliver. Failing to deliver could put your membership or any status in OB at risk. How it works/Things to consider If you want to sign up, post here. On the 12th of December, we'll draw the names and assign people their secret santas - DO NOT TELL ANYONE, please. It ruins the surprise! You'll need to send your gift between the 22nd and 25th December (Try to get it as close to Christmas as you can). Once you have, let us know and we'll mark you off the list. If you've read this, please add Existentialism to your response. The word will be replaced with an emoticon once I've seen it so we can ensure everyone has read the post! Obviously this is meant to be fun, so enjoy it! We've posted this slightly earlier this year in order to account for the newer trial-ists and possible members. Props to anyone that signs up and posts a nice Xmas image. Also to everybody that gets involved in this years Secret Santa you'll be entered into a raffle with a chance to win an extra prize from me. SIGN UP LIST Pepe Skill Finnley Unseen Cheesepuff Irish Substick Venga Absolute Daffy Gunstar Brandon Weezy Twiixtor Chris Rhyse Veng3nce Jaydog Mintlou Vemix Nuclear Credits given to Wist for the original post. (Totally not another copy pasta) Grinch List: Stiqqy