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Found 2 results

  1. Player Name: Futurebounds Date of Birth: 8/1/2000 Age: 17 Country/Location: England, East Yorkshire SteamID: STEAM_0:1:83333844 Games Played: COD, CSGO, H1Z1, Halo, Minecraft Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)? coming up to 1 year What qualities can you bring to Outbreak? I can bring a positive attitude and be kind to new and old people in the community Tell us a little something about yourself: I'm currently doing my A-Levels at my Sixth Form after recently passing my GCSE's. Usually in my spare time im playing games on my PC (Usually CSGO but sometimes other games depending on what people are doing in the community). I dont really have much else to put but I do have a budgie called Banana thats pretty sick. (Pic from last year) Is this your first post? No Have you been around for less than 2 weeks (this includes Teamspeak and forums)? No
  2. Player Name: Joey Date of Birth: 26:06:2000 Age: 16 Country/Location: South West England Somerset SteamID:STEAM_0:0:138006173 Games Played: CSGO at the moment but used to play Xbox One and played alot of Call Of Duty and GTA Roughly how long have you been playing our server(s)? I have been playing on Outbreak Servers for around a 7 months as recently got a computer last year What qualities can you bring to Outbreak? I am a good player, kind enthusiatic and passionate person. I can think quick on my feet. i like to play as CT as its fun it command and make them play games. i feel i have grown into this community. i like to talk to the people playing and want to help the community grow as much as possible. i am verry nice to others on the server and like to read through the forums. I have a good understanding of the rules and have enjoyed all my time in the community. Tell us a little something about yourself: I am a kind person with a love for the community.I have been playing CSGO since last july and have been around the community for 7 months. I like to play csgo with frends and like to comunicate to everyone. I am from the UK and now work at a pub in a kitchen. I have just finished secondary school and am going to collage to do a computing and IT course. I am fasinated with computers and what they can do. I belive that in a few years our lifes with be completly run by somekind of computer. I like cars fast ones and am a very big fan of land rovers. I like to be active going out with friends and swimming and used to play rugby to be active. I am a big guy at round 6 foot 4. Is this your first post? NO Have you been around for less than a month (this includes Teamspeak and forums)? NO
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