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  1. Hi i am Joe Green also know as Joey I am 15 years old and I was born in the South West of the UK. currently i work in a local pub in the kitchen. but finishing my last exam for school on the 27th of June 2016 and am going to collage to do computing and computer science. In time i would love to work with computers and wouldn't mind being a programmer. i would also like to work with networks and do networking. i have been playing video games since call of duty modern warfare came out and have recently started playing PC in the last year but also love my family dog Rascal I have been playing CsGo a lot lately and found outbreak about 6 months ago but was not to active now i try to play at least 2 hours on the jailbreak and a little on the new surf and talk to some people on team speak. I am MG1 at the moment and want to improve. in time i would like to be good friends with everyone on the community and want to help this community grow and get rid of the hackers in the game. i know its hard for the Mods and Admins in the community and sorting out them free killers. when playing i try to be as least TOXIC as possible and normally just chill. Thanks for reading - Joey Shout out to blyss <3
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