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  1. i had an account long time ago but dont remember it
  2. I don’t want to advertise it! I’m going to ask Conor if I can change it to outbreak but still run it off my thing! Before I had lot over server now I don’t have much time to run them so I keep it. I’m not ready to let it go!
  3. Hello Everyone! Im a long time fan of jailbreak. i started to play outbreak long time ago with Micloven and it was so much fun! this was when i was new to CSGO and boom one day no server and i cant find it anymore! so i think fuck you guys you banned me but guess that something bigger then a ban happen. so i started to play CLWO jailbreak and then hated them and the staff! so i broke away and started to make my own jailbreak server and few plugins for it. (jailbreaks is so hard to run fucking people can be stupid)(outbreak staff knows how people can be when it comes to jailbreak servers) so i gave up on my jailbreak server and gave the marker plugin to you guys and help conor with few update things. also fuck up teamspeak buy a year of music bot as a sorry. um i have not played jb in long time but by far this is the best jb server! what else um i run a bhop server! 28 years old
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