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  1. I'll need to wash my hands after listening to this again...
  2. Hi there OLÉ, you look like a nice and funny guy. We had some great laughs already. I hope to see you around more !
  3. Hello there Guled, personally never heard of you before but you seem like a funny guy who knows what he is talking about. Enjoy you stay my friend !
  4. Hahah I was laughing like crazy when he said it. Don't think it is making us a bad person because the video wants to show it as a joke. So thats my excuse. The applaus made me laugh as well xD
  5. Yea boy, Im gonna be watching Lil D in Brussels this summer
  6. Hello everyone Lately I have been playing a lot of CS:GO (mostly jailbreak) and some other games. I was watching a video about speedrunning whilst playing some good old runescape. Now I'm starting to get into it and watching a lot of videos, ... I was wondering if anyone here on the forums has some experience in the speedrunning scene. You know, just some usefull information about witch games are good to start with, ..., ... Or just someone to talk to who is also speedrunning. That's it, have a great day guys ! Lots of love Duck xxx
  7. I hope you are still looking for some series because I have some great ones with feeback of what you can expect (spoiler free): -Breaking Bad (Can sometimes be boring but great serie overall) -Rick and Morty (Best serie I ever watched, it is animeted but it isn't just your mainstream anime) -Prison Break (Had a blast watching this one, watched all four seasons in 1 month) -The 100 (I was a lil sceptical at first when a friend recomended this to me. Mostly teen actors and great to kill some time) -House of Cards (I started watching this with my dad, didn't finish it yet but S1 was great and I only hear great things about it) -The Walking Dead (If you are a zombie lover like me you must watch this one. Great story and you never know what to expect how decissions will turn out, I like that in a serie ad this is a good example) -Shooter (New series and fun to watch) +++ I also have a great interest in World War 1 and 2 so I watched alot of them to. Here are some +++ -Band of Brothers -Heavy water war -Pasific Most series I posted you can find on Netflix and of 3/5 of all series I mentioned new seasons are comming out in 2017. Sorry for the long post Hugs and have fun watching Duck xxx
  8. Some insane flicks and wallbangs, great spray control and I could go on for some time. Good montage dude !
  9. Hello Venga, I speak Dutch as my native. I'm kinda trash at French tbh but I am working on it. I love speaking English and I want to start learning German.
  10. Hello outbreak community My real name is Dieter, I am 17 years old and I am currently living a happy life in Belgium (That small country to the left of Germany with shitty weather). I study Economic Sciences in school and love to spend most of my time hanging out with friends. When I am at home I mostly sit behind my computer playing CS:GO and doing homework at the same time. Recently (about 2 months ago) I stumbled upon an outbreak community server. I have met awesome people already and I'm looking forwards to meeting many more. Most people know me on the servers as ''Duck'' which is a random name I chose. This is my first forum post so go easy on me. I hope this was a decent introduction for you all. Have a great day Duck xxx
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