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  1. Akaveira

    DayZ F2P

    can confirm that guy is Italian, can also confirm all Italian kids are like that online
  2. Akaveira

    DayZ F2P

    force fed him poison mushrooms while he was tabbed out 10/10 would do again
  3. Akaveira

    Hytale - Standalone game from Hypixel

    Trailer makes it look like it isn't Minecraft When we try it out however, I feel like my opinion will change
  4. Akaveira

    HB willy

    hb skilly willy
  5. Akaveira

    What music were you listening to this year?

    literally only UK artists
  6. Akaveira


  7. Akaveira


    couldn't have said it better myself
  8. Akaveira

    Anyone want to play a pen and paper?

    I too, like men NVM
  9. Akaveira


  10. Akaveira

    Tik tok

  11. Akaveira

    First game back, he says he wont play well.

    he told me to give him my bank if I ever quit, still haven't given it to him
  12. Akaveira


    nearly on the 8th month
  13. Akaveira


    Tabletopia back when free games were lit, *cough* Subtera *cough*