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  1. ZakTEF

    Which artists have you seen live?

    @Pasickle Versatile are going
  2. ZakTEF

    What are you listening to right now?

    mediocre album some real mf patrician music that captures suicide, depression, spiritualism and nihilism.
  3. ZakTEF

    I'm not racist, am I?

    His neighbours probably think hes selling dope
  4. ZakTEF

    I'm not racist, am I?

    Weak flow, trash bars
  5. ZakTEF

    Which artists have you seen live?

    I have seen: Clean bandit Rita Ora Chainsmokers Sean paul Shawn Mendes Stormzy Little Mix Bastille Royal Blood Alt J Dua Lipa Mura Masa Jax Jones Anne Marie Blossoms JLS
  6. ZakTEF

    Favourite football teams

    Do you like Leeds then?
  7. ZakTEF

    Movie Night: No Bullshit Edition

    I think its next Wednesday. @VENGA BUS @rhyse1317
  8. ZakTEF

    Pistol round ace, SMFC rank

    seen her sing this live, also nice round dude
  9. My middle name is Thomas Elliot and my surname begins with an F