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  1. Ya fair point and its a matter of opinion like I know full well a lot of people have completely lost interest in JB, thats obvious, but id honestly be of the belief that there is a lot of people who still do want to play it and I know a lot of people would agree with me.
  2. Ah k so if you are here to play the server then you shouldn't be here at all. Id argue that you base the community on "core members" solely and don't see the potential of attracting new members constantly to the community. My idea of this community is based on players I would of regularly played with when I joined the server which wouldnt of consisted of too many core members and each person would view the community differently based on how they engage but you seem hell bent on having a blinkered view that core members no longer want to play it so server must go. Like I said there's a reason other JB servers are still thriving.
  3. Passion isn't there with the people with power. There's a reason other JB servers are still very active and OB isn't. If enough was done new players would constantly be attracted to the server and regulars (myself included) would absolutely still play. Found it questionable myself when effort was thrown into a minigames server and all effort was withdrawn from the one thing that made this community what it is.
  4. CQCOD


    I dont want to alarm anyone but this may well take me back to my console roots and away from pc (laptop meme) for a bit if its as good as im hoping it will be.
  5. This is amazing. The disgust in his voice when the guy called it an ostrich.
  6. Hello Moz, From seeing you on the server ive found you to be quite trolly at times which is something you need to work on but you do have a genuine interest in the server which is scarce these days. Possibly a bit early for member possibly not I dont know. Im getting splinters in my arse from sitting on the fence here so good luck with it I guess.
  7. Such an easy guy to work with while I was staff and the correlation between server popularity and Unseen's apparent lack of appetite in it lately is no coincidence. Big shoes to fill. GL with everything bud.
  8. A crate of Guinness and that pie face thing.
  9. guilty as charged xox #2k15fam
  10. Ok, the only part of this I feel a need to clarify is that you were completely inappropriate and rude before I had even said anything to you so to claim that your behaviour/attitude changed after I had said something to you is completely false. You had shown a lot of disrespect initially without me ever saying anything to you and you had no reason to get involved in the original issue. The initial issue of someone spamming chat: This person who has gained a reputation of spamming chat lately was initially warned by me for spamming to which they acknowledged that warning. Literally straight after that acknowledgment that person spammed again so I felt there was no other option but to punish (mildly). Hence me questioning whether you were trolling or just being dumb as it was a blatant rule break and a completely justified punishment. I understand personal issues can change our behaviours but we all have personal issues and they can't be used as an excuse for acting in a certain way, for anyone. For these reasons the ban will stand and I would hope that in future you would see a certain situation from everyone's point of view rather than your own before passing judgement. Note that the length of the ban was decided after taking into consideration past offences and behaviour. CQ
  11. Make more sense if you tagged twiix rather than that northern thing.
  12. CQCOD


    Explains a lot
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