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  1. Brandon

    It's over.

    2pac does if nobody else does
  2. Brandon

    Happy birthday to my best bud!

    happy birthday weezy sorry im a bit late
  3. Brandon

    funniest person ob?

    This has to broken down into 2 categories: The virgin that makes everyone laugh because they’re an idiot. - mintlou The Chad who says stuff that is actually funny, laughter coming from the content rather than the person. For me it would be Brandon with Sony in second place. /boomers
  4. Brandon

    McGregor vs Khabib

  5. Brandon

    McGregor vs Khabib

    Conor KO In second round khabab has a glass jaw he is too easily hit conor is the hitman i predict these things THAT LITTLE RUSSIAN RAT
  6. Brandon

    General Fitness/Health Thread

    63.5 kg (141 Lbs) goal 73kg
  7. Brandon


    Rep4rep hb
  8. Brandon

    McGregor vs Khabib

    he will do fucking nothing
  9. Brandon


    HB BROTHER finally 13
  10. Brandon


    __ .-' | / <\| 'Ello me ol' chum / \' |_.- o-o I'm g'not a g'nelf / C -._)\ /', | I'm g'not a g'noblin | `-,_,__,' (,,)====[_]=| I'm a g'nome and you've been GNOMED '. ____/ | -|-|_ |____)_) @Kai
  11. Brandon


    fellow chads
  12. Brandon

    I require your assistance

    Assisting Alcoholics Asylum
  13. Brandon

    Why the OGs are actually Outbreak's Boomers

    Venga I take full responsibility for this recent trend, with that said.
  14. Brandon

    Bdon admin app

    ♦ Good English based communication (Foreign Languages a bonus though) - yes ♦ Must be a member of Outbreak - yes since 2015 ( certified veteran as per this post ) ♦ Use of microphone - yes ♦ Good judgement & decisiveness - yes ♦ Committed & friendly - yes ♦ Valid Steam account as per this newspost - yes ♦ A good amount of time spent on the servers - most play time on cs:go jailbreak around 1500 hours ♦ Available and willing to respond to reported server offenders - yes ♦ Ability to run and assist with events - yes ( I also have experience from when I was mod before, 4/5 events total ) ♦ Use the forums and teamspeak - yes ♦ Dedication and Enthusiasm - yes In-game Name: Bdon Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:124348632 Real first name: Brandon Previous admin experience: 10th january 2016 - 25th march 2017 Age: 19 Average Server Playtime: 0 Average Teamspeak Time: usually a couple of hours Time zone: GMT Country: Ireland Membership of current CS clans/communities: OB only How long have you been with OB: since 2015 Why you should be Moderator: I want to help OB gain more active people in the community & with my experience I feel I'm a good advocate for that.When the new servers arrive I'd like to give my time to help seeing it succeed.
  15. Brandon

    Is it time?

    Poll just got manipulated at 15.05 pm. It was 70% - yes 1 minute later 14-13 gg rigged it was russia @gaffeR