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    new ts

    fuck discord
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    World Cup thread

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    World Cup thread

    I have a feeling England is actually going to win the World Cup
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    World Cup thread

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    World Cup thread

    not sure if this is a bait or not
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    World Cup thread

    the penalty was a fucking joke.
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    New Hub New Season New Me

    can we start queing again boys? @retards
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    Show your ugly face!

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    Fuck discord
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    Lol what serious cannot tell if your a next level troll or plain retarded. Let me just make one thing clear, your wording makes it sound like as if him beating his wife was the good intentions which is completely missing my whole point. 1.yes he may have beat his wife, yes he is a shitty person, yes he should face justice which is not getting shot multiple times in his own car. 2.That doesn’t mean the guy was all bad / have no good intentions of doing good.He was 20 years old he fucked up big time but that doesn’t mean he deserved what happened. The shit you type Danny makes it seems like I am praising him for beating his wife. Hope off cs/league for 5 minutes go back to school and get an education Danny, you uneducated fucking moron or maybe learn to read first.spas.
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    Love theads like these really shows how ignorant & pathetic some people are, along with the casual shit baits from @SonyTwan then the classic bitta @Danny popping up with some hitler meme really nothing knew here, oh can’t forget @Jak who would give you the death penalty for stealing a slice of bread. might aswell lock this shit show
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    World Cup thread

    Because you weren’t alive lamao
  13. Brandon


    I didn’t say it excuses anything, as I said they guy wasn’t the nicest person obviously but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have any good intentions. Still didn’t deserve to be murdered in his car regardless of what he did in his past, if he did some fucked up shit then he can go to jail for it / get a trial like everyone else. Just can’t see why people can justify this as “he deserved” seems like a pretty irrational way of thinking just making an easy excuse to someone murdered.
  14. Brandon


    I thought the case got dropped? He might not of been the best person but the guy did have good intentions & was so young.Apart from listening to a few of his songs I barely knew he was. Here is a video I saw on twitter, puts into perspective of how young the guy was & he had dreams like everybody else. https://mobile.twitter.com/InstanityYT/status/1008824903267766272/video/1 He was 20 years old & what did he die for? a fucking Louis Vuitton bag, worlds just a cruel place. Not sure if your serious either but I’ll respond anyway, in what way is it ‘deserved’ to get shot in your own car mind you, this guy has a family & is the same age as you more less. Regardless of what he did that’s why we have a justice system & he goes to trial like everybody else, in no way was him begin murdered in his car deserved or any sort of justice for what his actions were.
  15. Brandon

    World Cup thread

    South Korea to finish top of their group, heard it here first.