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  1. One of my favorite songs currently, been listening to this on my playlist ever since I found it, the beat drop is one of the best I have ever heard ( But that's just me) This is another one I quite enjoy, the start is a bit weird but once you here the beat drop, you like it a bit more
  2. Yeah, I was just looking at this thread and JamesG is just posting this huge picture which take up most of my screen, this really needs to get changed so the image can only be a certain size or the forums will get cluttered with that shit
  3. Yoshi

    PC Help

    Is there something wrong about windows 10, I have been using it since it came out and I really enjoy it and I really don't want to go back to windows 7
  4. Yoshi

    PC Help

    Hey there Haven't been around in a while but I was looking for some help in a new PC Build I am planning to get a new PC because my current one is a pile of shit And I hardly know anything about PC Parts and don't know which ones are the best and which ones are the worst so this is why I am asking for help The only thing I can really say is that I am looking to buy the new AMD RX 480 And I have a budget of about £450-£500 So I am looking for any advice for the build such as positives and negatives about the parts or even the AMD RX 480 and if you could possibly do the build on PC Part Picker or give me the list of parts as I am the worst with computers, this has got to include the case, windows 10 and anything else I may need (Not including keyboard,mouse e.t.c) Thanks for reading Yoshi
  5. Been a while since I attended a event, sadly I cannot make it
  6. I have already brought legion and haven't used my character boost yet (probs boost a warlock or shaman since they currently look really cool in the Legion beta), I will still main my protection paladin so I can tank some of the new raids in legion since I haven't done my mythic raiding with him yet, and I wanna try PVP on my monk or druid since the PVP is gonna be a bit different in legion compared to other expansions, will still level my all my characters to level 110 for other raids from further expansions for gold farming. If it becomes wod.v2 I will never play again, wod made wow absolute shit and just ruined it, hopefully Legion can bring it back as it used to be. I also hope there is a lot more lore, I am quite a freak about WOW lore, and I hope Illidan will have a lot more story and involvement in this expansion
  7. Sorry to say, but i will not be able to make the event sadly, I am going out for dinner today and i wasn't told this earlier so my spot can go to someone else :(
  8. +1 Really nice guy, really good amount of hours on jb (38.6 this week and 453 hours overall), always on teamspeak and tryies to be as active on the forums as he can. Generally good member material, should of got trial last time, didn't see why not. Good luck Cereal :)
  9. I started to watch attack on the titan a while ago, but just didn't get round to watching it again, I personally quite enjoyed it If you count the Pokémon cartoon series as anime, then I have watched a fuck ton of that when i was quite young before I got myself a computer, every time i came home from school, I would watch it.
  10. The holy infinite loop gif, saw this on a post Jamie made and i really love it :)
  11. That was one of the funniest things i have watched in ages, blyss - "There's a juicy Girl" Finnley - "She is so wet" Weird people... Anyway, you'll have to tell me next time your playing, that does look quite fun
  12. Lets start of with this First of all you were kinda spamming the chat with his messages that he sent you And if he is messaging you on steam with these messages, you can easily block him and deal with it yourself instead of trying to gain attention I know I should of gagged him aswell but you generally get on my nerves a lot Secondly your telling me how to do my job, which i can easily do myself without you Thirdly, when I decieded to come on the map before, I had a lot of people telling me "oh ban this guy" or "NNOO this guy killed me", I can see that and I don't need people telling me what to do Fourthly the amount of comms you have is the main reason why I don't listen to people like you, just a bunch of trolls trying to get attention I hope this settles the matter and you stop telling mods how to do there job when they can easily do it there self, Thank you for wasting your time to make this complaint All the best Yoshi
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