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  1. group conference landline calls only
  2. enter the gungeon free to keep on EGS I've put 130 hours into this game so would recommend https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/enter-the-gungeon/home
  3. I don't think 48 people join random community servers could be wrong, idk ye i am wrong
  4. How can the server be used to bring in players, cos 98% of them will just be from matchmaking and won't know each other or anyone not that it has to, just curious if it can
  5. Crypt of the Necrodancer, Mark of the Ninja Remastered, and Invisible Inc all on sale All great indie games would recommend
  6. remember when mintlou unironically supported ukip
  7. combat surf should be a consideration
  8. thx for taking the time out of your day to give me warning points on ur bday hb
  9. nice sexy bit of house was really into deadmau5 in my early house listening days probs many peoples introduction to prog house
  10. SonyTwan

    Chest Hair

    Wasnt fluxy who drew it btw it was Jamie
  11. SonyTwan

    Classic WOW

    burning crusade was level 70 tho
  12. SonyTwan

    Classic WOW

    so much for playing during summer, basically over by that point but hey we got a release date
  13. SonyTwan

    Classic WOW

    @Toby. WoW is great with friends, and even if you didn't have any you can easily make your own in game just through questing, guilds, dungeons, etc. It does take long to get around the world, which in my opinion adds to the scale of the game, though some classes have movement speed abilities, and everyone has access to mounts at level 40/60.
  14. SonyTwan

    Classic WOW

    Classic WoW sounds fantastic idk why you're basing it off of one guys opinion - no more flying mounts which ruined world pvp and general interaction - slow levelling (I enjoy levelling most in mmos) - the chance to experience the OG mmo in its most well regarded form - relive my experiences with WoW but as horde instead of alliance WoW is a nice social experience with great music, environments, dungeons, class flavour, pvp, lore, etc Current WoW is generally regarded as more of a combat game than an MMO, servers are cross realm so there's no real community to your server, there's a system with raid gear right now where you can luck out and get better stats than someone with the same gear, all dungeoning/raiding is done through cross realm LFR/LFG where nobody talks and you don't meet anybody on your server, when you look at someone you have no idea what gear they have due to transmog I'm not fully up to date with the problems with current WoW but those are the ones I know of I'll definitely be playing it
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