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  1. Hi

    Haha goodluck mate!¬¬
  2. Hi

    Nothing really lad, I just sit about and got bored last night so decided to have a look on here :) just college stuff and shit. Been upto much yourself?
  3. Hi

    How could I forget! Ofcourse I remember you mate :)
  4. Hi

    wow, alright then... )':
  5. Hi

    Exactly how you'd say it! thank you mate, seemed like a nice chap yourself!
  6. Hi

    I came on earlier for a short time but was very confused & nervous since it had been so long :P Thanks! And look forward to meeting you hi m8 want my bbm pin?
  7. Hi

    Just for you baby
  8. Hi

    I'm Impazzio. I feel like a lost kid, help me pls. Nothing much to say about myself other than I miss CS:S Jailbreak )': Sorry too lazy to write something meaningful. EDIT: Just for my baby - I used to play a lot on the jailbreak server when I was a wee lad [4 Years ago or something] but then that server died and I kinda drifted away from the community. Anyway here's a small summary of who I am: My name is Liam, I'm Scottish but have a bit of a mixed accent, was decent at CS:GO but stopped playing seriously. I missed all the OG's on here even though when I originally played I was a very, very annoying person [Hasn't really changed but I can accept it now]. I'll add more if I can figure out what to type :)
  9. Unseen appreciation thread

    THANK YOU BROTHER! I'm good thanks :)
  10. Unseen appreciation thread

    0: its my main man w33zy, how you been?
  11. Unseen appreciation thread

    No one here knows me, But Unseen is my baby <3
  12. [EVENT] The Last of Us [27/04/14 7PM]

    Sign Me Up.
  13. Battlefield 3 Giveaway!

    http://gyazo.com/1c10f9abd24b85b0260cd2f3f02f5333 GG Britten. I'll message it over steam to you.
  14. Battlefield 3 Giveaway!

    I'll do the giveaway later,
  15. Battlefield 3 Giveaway!

    I have no clue, if it is... Oh dear.