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    Alright, I'm gonna play the devil's advocate of this argument because this shit's just gonna be memes otherwise. Never thought I'd see people in their +20's of Age having a tantrum of moving to a different voice/text chat program. Except what has happened EVERYTIME he has asked us? We talk about helping,or we sit, and argue with mods/admins for god knows how long, and nothing ever comes of it. We talk about him handing some power over to us and yet the last time we had such spreading of power all that happened is we stayed the exact same, the same structure, the same server idea's kept popping up again and again and nothing happened, and lets not talk about the hierarchal abuse that went down. So whats the point? If you want a more democratic form of power, then what would happen is the OG's wouldn't give a shit anyways lol, we are so distanced from the community and at this point, only care about us having a room and talking. Let's try something new, discord is easier to use and has a lot more variety in terms of plug-ins that can actually make it interesting.
  2. Keiji Motori

    Ancestors Legacy

    One thing I forgot to mention is the music, holy shit the music. if you liked the Witcher 3 soundtrack, this defo has its vibe, as well as that Dark, pagan Slavic shit going on. When the game first loads that tingle on my balls it gave me from the main track was bloody brilliant.
  3. Keiji Motori

    Ancestors Legacy

    Okay, I've played it for a couple of hours now and I have to say, this is actually REALLY well done. The economy is really really easy,you are constantly fighting over villages for extra resources, and you dont have to worry so much on building placement. Spamming one group of people (like archers) won't win, you only have 10 slots for your army and so you have to be careful on how you pick things. This has a built-in blood DLC and its fucking great, you also have a cinematic camera that drags you into the battle, pretty sick to just sit there and watch if you know thats the enemys army and you aren't going to get ambushed. The campaign so far is ok, im still in the Vikings but its been average, the skirmishes & multiplayer are where its at.
  4. Keiji Motori

    Ancestors Legacy

  5. Keiji Motori

    Ancestors Legacy

    It's out now, gonna buy it today and give it a run and see how it feels
  6. Keiji Motori

    Ancestors Legacy

    Okay, so this game completely snuck underneath my radar. TL:DR it's basically a RTS game set in the Medieval Ages with Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Slavs and Germans as the four main groups. It looks & plays quite similar to Company of Heroes which is something I was quite fond of. Also, turns out this game was made by the edgy fags at Destructive Creations, the creator of the more then controversial games, Hatred (the edgy shooter who kills everybody) and IS Defend (the gun defense game where you defend beaches from hordes of ISIS fighters) and it actually looks like they have improved mega from their times on those 2, as they are actually starting to get quite ambitious.
  7. Keiji Motori

    State of Decay 2

    22nd, can only buy on Windows Store or Xbox Live (its exclusive) It can be quite 'meh' and tedious sometimes (as the first one was), but It looks like it can be quite enjoyable if your playing with the right group...making your own fun and all that
  8. Keiji Motori

    State of Decay 2

    Don't know if you guys are interested in this game, but I'm interested in the co-op side that was lacking in the first.
  9. Keiji Motori

    Nice to see Eurovision hasn't changed

    I'm more angry about the fact that Eurovision staff made it quite clear to Salvador that politically charged messages were not allowed, he got shat on for speaking about the current music climate. And yet they allow France with their refugee message, Italy with their pacifist message(although I'm not as mad about it) and fucking israel with the acceptance bullshit that even Netta said was for the #metoo movement. Salvador comes onto the stage with a song that had absolutely no message tied to it, only he the artist had one, and that was for the music industry, rather than the entire political spectrum and yet the dude got shat on by everybody for being more than honest about the atrocity of music today.
  10. Thought Sobral would be the changing opinion in the show, was nice to see somebody with actual passion for meaning within music. And then we get this... Disappointing really, expected some good vibes for Ireland, Germany too, but apparently music artists (judges) deemed a song with fucking chicken noises to be worthy.
  11. Keiji Motori

    Revamping Reactions

    Please don't make us forsen twitch chat
  12. Keiji Motori

    War vs Russia

    >USA wins the war >Trump balkanizes upon Republic lines >Every map & border enthusiast screams.