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  1. Keiji Motori

    brexit thread

    make fun of us when your country is richer than 2 small islands in the Caribbean. Wannabe-Slav Turk.
  2. Keiji Motori

    Real talk on Biased History

    This is exactly where I wanted the conversation to go.
  3. Keiji Motori

    Real talk on Biased History

    It's a long as fuck video, but it certainly opened my fucking eyes a bit on how all it takes is an over exaggeration. Knowing Better is definitely a lad when it comes to challenging a lot of the bias in History, quite often, you need to take these things with a grain of salt, even Knowing Better needs to be challenged as its the only way evidence can be truly found.
  4. Keiji Motori

    Battlefield V (Like, my opinion man) *HOLY SHIT*

    So....The game has already dropped in price across the board (except Origin with its £55, they still holding on while CDKeys store sells them for £35) for the US, 50% in price reduction, from $80 to $30 on Target for PS4/Xbox. $40 for PC. 80 USD = £62.66 $30 = £23.50. Physical copies have also been reviewed in the UK, less than half the amount of BF1. Generally, prices go down after Christmas. Not sure whether this is a play for the Supermarkets to sell the physical copies they have in store, or whether it was an actual decision by EA for its marketed price. But it says at least one thing, its just not selling like its supposed too.
  5. Keiji Motori

    First game back, he says he wont play well.

    i remember screaming and flicking my mouse in a 540 and headshotting someone
  6. Keiji Motori

    Deep Rock Galactic

    Ill get it
  7. So after my dad bought it because the man loves his graphics, I decided to buy it (at £32, fuck the £50+ bs). I can honestly say, that this game is one of the most awkward, filled with some of the worst concepts, as well as some weird as fuck bugs (such as the game every once in a while, instead of spawning you at a point, spawns you on top of your teams tank.) So, here are a few things that I have noticed. A TL:DR, the game feels so different, and not in a good way, I would of thought for the amount of times DICE delayed this game, whether it was to take out the gayer customisation options or to fix bugs, I can't help but feel like they have released the game at least 2 months early for the sake of Christmas. Its gameplay is weird and hard to get used to, and the amount of issues in the game in terms of balance is so off. If you even thought about getting this game, the only thing I can offer is a solid "skip this shit". RIP my £32.
  8. Keiji Motori

    Tekken 7/Fighting games in general

    Only fighting game I really have a nostalgia boner for is Power Stone for the Dreamcast, the game was fucking top dog, and Im on the prowl for a Emulator for it.
  9. Keiji Motori

    Happy birthday to my best bud!

    A happy day of your birth from me, as I was too busy celebrating my dads also.
  10. Keiji Motori


  11. Keiji Motori

    Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour.

    If you don't look like this man, then u not the one for me
  12. Keiji Motori


    So I'm starting to get into the gist of learning a few words/phrases in as many languages as I can, as its probably one of the few ways in which people will be more willing to open up (as well as to add something to a CV). I know OB has a community from several backgrounds and I think it would actually be quite nice for everyone to learn even just a few among each other (that aren't the standard "teach the tourist how to say 'fuck your mother'") and so this is a call-out for the Non-UK members to teach us a few. I know we already have a few Turks within the community, but because I'm learning it right now, I'll start with a few words. Turkish
  13. Keiji Motori


    Not really a good timetable right now, I actually got some shit going on, but I'll play give or take around sometime in middle of the day or after 8pm for a few hours
  14. Keiji Motori

    What are you listening to right now?

    Ngl, His music is pretty good
  15. Keiji Motori


    So as some know, My internet has always been pretty shit, whether its between 800kb/s or 1.5MB, its never been good enough to really 'play' or stream. Well that ended with me coming back to the UK, with a fancy new internet and a steady source of autism pulsing through my veins, I give you my horribly under-financed with no flash stream. https://www.twitch.tv/keiji_motori/ As of right now, I'll mostly be streaming Battlefield 1 as its the only game that I constantly shit on people and get shat on, I'll add other games that we could find interesting(I'm keeping Victoria 2 off the list boys, don't worry), I'll try to stream at least once a day and in general, have a (hopefully) good time.