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  1. Keiji Motori


    So I'm starting to get into the gist of learning a few words/phrases in as many languages as I can, as its probably one of the few ways in which people will be more willing to open up (as well as to add something to a CV). I know OB has a community from several backgrounds and I think it would actually be quite nice for everyone to learn even just a few among each other (that aren't the standard "teach the tourist how to say 'fuck your mother'") and so this is a call-out for the Non-UK members to teach us a few. I know we already have a few Turks within the community, but because I'm learning it right now, I'll start with a few words. Turkish
  2. Keiji Motori


    Not really a good timetable right now, I actually got some shit going on, but I'll play give or take around sometime in middle of the day or after 8pm for a few hours
  3. Keiji Motori

    What are you listening to right now?

    Ngl, His music is pretty good
  4. Keiji Motori


    So as some know, My internet has always been pretty shit, whether its between 800kb/s or 1.5MB, its never been good enough to really 'play' or stream. Well that ended with me coming back to the UK, with a fancy new internet and a steady source of autism pulsing through my veins, I give you my horribly under-financed with no flash stream. https://www.twitch.tv/keiji_motori/ As of right now, I'll mostly be streaming Battlefield 1 as its the only game that I constantly shit on people and get shat on, I'll add other games that we could find interesting(I'm keeping Victoria 2 off the list boys, don't worry), I'll try to stream at least once a day and in general, have a (hopefully) good time.
  5. Did I also mention I'm 25 and barely scraped my hairdressing course at college?
  6. Reading, some housework. That it.
  7. Keiji Motori

    A very overdue update

    I’ll become one of those paradox youtubers and hopefully test-play Victoria III while promoting OB as a place for history autists
  8. Keiji Motori

    A very overdue update

    A 24/7 Victoria II Stream in which I fulfill whatever the chat wants.
  9. Keiji Motori

    What game are you the best at within Outbreak?

    Battlefield, and...uuuhhhh....can't think of anymore
  10. Keiji Motori

    One of the most interesting channels I have ever came across.

    Another one, Seeing old films of India is legit rare as fuck, so this is impressive to have real sound alongside it.
  11. A Youtube Account called guy jones has a massive collection of old videos with sound, some dating all the way back to the 1890's. Having a mixture of interviews, street videos, accents/regional languages and just in general, daily life of cultures/people, and chances are, deceased today. A personal favorite of mine, streets through Amsterdam in 1922. Would be cool if some of the Dutch fellas in OB can recognise some of the video locations. And another, this time showing off West Bromwich, England, and Wexford,Bull Ring Ireland in 1902. And also, an interview with an eyewitness of Abraham Lincolns Assassination in the 1900's. Too many videos for me to put up here, but definitely take a look.
  12. Keiji Motori


    Alright, I'm gonna play the devil's advocate of this argument because this shit's just gonna be memes otherwise. Never thought I'd see people in their +20's of Age having a tantrum of moving to a different voice/text chat program. Except what has happened EVERYTIME he has asked us? We talk about helping,or we sit, and argue with mods/admins for god knows how long, and nothing ever comes of it. We talk about him handing some power over to us and yet the last time we had such spreading of power all that happened is we stayed the exact same, the same structure, the same server idea's kept popping up again and again and nothing happened, and lets not talk about the hierarchal abuse that went down. So whats the point? If you want a more democratic form of power, then what would happen is the OG's wouldn't give a shit anyways lol, we are so distanced from the community and at this point, only care about us having a room and talking. Let's try something new, discord is easier to use and has a lot more variety in terms of plug-ins that can actually make it interesting.
  13. Keiji Motori

    Ancestors Legacy

    One thing I forgot to mention is the music, holy shit the music. if you liked the Witcher 3 soundtrack, this defo has its vibe, as well as that Dark, pagan Slavic shit going on. When the game first loads that tingle on my balls it gave me from the main track was bloody brilliant.
  14. Keiji Motori

    Ancestors Legacy

    Okay, I've played it for a couple of hours now and I have to say, this is actually REALLY well done. The economy is really really easy,you are constantly fighting over villages for extra resources, and you dont have to worry so much on building placement. Spamming one group of people (like archers) won't win, you only have 10 slots for your army and so you have to be careful on how you pick things. This has a built-in blood DLC and its fucking great, you also have a cinematic camera that drags you into the battle, pretty sick to just sit there and watch if you know thats the enemys army and you aren't going to get ambushed. The campaign so far is ok, im still in the Vikings but its been average, the skirmishes & multiplayer are where its at.
  15. Keiji Motori

    Ancestors Legacy