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  1. Wist

    Happy birthday to my best bud!

    Happy birthday big Rob
  2. Wist

    funniest person ob?

    fluxy because only he truly understands the hilarity of squeeze the legs squeeze the butt
  3. Wist

    Away Thread

    Today (tomorrow by a few minutes really) I leave home to move out. Not sure when I’ll next have a desk and internet so i respectfully request to return to veteran status until then didn’t really get to say goodbye properly so much love to you all, will be reachable by phone I’m sure
  4. Wist

    A very overdue update

    Name the OB players who joined through (a) minigames and (b) surf. (a): sonytwan (b): ?????? nobody JB makes communities, MG maintains them a bit, surf is something new to do for existing members unless you're surfheaven big, and retake servers do not do diddily squid
  5. Wist

    Is it time?

    literally nobody else has offered a plan, therefore noty
  6. Wist

    is ob dead?

    Only viable owner is someone technical. If you can run the servers, plugins, website, teamspeak and whatever else as well as Conor has, then maybe you're in with a shot. OB won't grow without servers, and you CANNOT be owner without the technical knowledge. Even if you have a hish0t, they'll end up running the place before you know it.
  7. Wist

    is ob dead?

  8. theory this is an elaborate honor farm from jamie thoughts???
  9. Wist

    What are you wearing right now?

    chanel no 5
  10. Wist

    Outbreak's 2018 Quotebook

    jamie: oh btw how was edinbourough
  11. Credit to @IrishChamp for being 95% of the effort going into making good posts on the forum to make people post. Thought some of us should try. Always a difficult and interesting question: I'll start. 1 year: living in London, working full-time at my job. Probably tired and stressed (and poor). Hoping for a pay raise so I can eat properly. Should have completed my CISPA training and now be fully certified in cyber security. 5 years: Managing at my company. Hopefully long-term girlfriend, moved in together, but still in London I expect. Travelling for work regularly, possibly seconded out. Highly specialised in my field. I hope to still know OB, as at this point I will finally earn enough for a great gaming PC. 10 years: Married, I'd like kids around now (I'd be 32). My own place with my family. At this stage I don't expect to still be in London - I would seriously consider Canada or wherever my (wife?) wanted to go. Can't imagine I'd still game as much, but maybe the pull of full VR on my phone on the Central Line would be too strong. In no rush to see this, however.
  12. Wist

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    Everyone's favourite OB grandpa. 10/10 'UNNGNHNHNGGGHHH' noises when he awakes and always top discussion xo
  13. Wist

    Who would win in a fight?

    difficult as both 5'7, but venga smells of cigarettes so weezy could track and stalk his prey 7zip vs WinRAR
  14. Wist

    Who would win in a fight?

    10/10 keeping the thread going Irish vodo or mrpolishman