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  1. that face when re p gets changed to honor in ur post and u use the word like a million times
  2. there is one word that pops into my head when i think about candidate mr john akame... and that word is obama for too long the 'skids' of ob have been held down by the oppressive hand of the OGs a vote for akame is a vote for change, a vote to lift the marginalised skids up from the depths of the teamspeak and to bring them to the same level as the ogs, a vote for akame is one that levels the playing field and embeds equality into the tightly woven fabric of outbreak the other candidates priorities are much less honourable than that of mr john akame wist is poised to make devastating neo liberal honor reforms, to cut the honor budget inflicting irreparable damage to the honor economy, mr john akame believes in investment and putting the people first, he would see that the juicy honor wheels stay oiled and spinning eagle simply doesn't have the composure or experience required for the job, he lacks a vision jamie is the most nefarious of all the candidates, he seeks only to line his pockets with runescape gold by entrenching economic inequality and nationalising honor so he can sell it and employ the skids of ob to grind on runescape for petty amounts of honor when they have no where else to turn for it if you care about outbreak community then the choice is clear vote @keemy
  3. @keemy can i be your campaign manager
  4. yeah me too +1 tho been around for ages
  5. his point about epic store was braindead other than that yeah, sorry who expected this to be good
  6. that would make me fourteen (14) right now as opposed to my actual age of nineteen (19)
  7. lynet archangel and uhh was kingstar mod? fuck i was like 11/12
  8. i was here before u fucker >:((
  9. i didn't make my forum account until months after i started playing the server
  10. mine should be 7 years aswell i joined early 2012
  11. so, for the new season of game of thrones, reddit has added a "throne pool" to the front page, where you can choose who you think is gonna win (presumably to hand out flairs on /r/gameofthrones?) cool and all i guess, i clicked 'jon snow' and what happens next? it auto subs me to a subreddit called /r/jonwinsthethrone and yep of course that sub explicitly says in its rules you do not need to tag spoilers so here i am browsing the front page of reddit only to be bombarded with ABSOLUTELY SHIT TIER NORMIE MEMES THAT SPOIL EPISODE 1 FUCK YOU REDDIT WHAT THE FUCK im so upset some of the memes in question: absolutely dire normie nonsense ffs (based quinn moving the spoiler tag to the front of the title so people don't click into this from the main page of the forums on the latest post section)
  12. and generally make the calender more visible on the front page to encourage people to sign up to future events and shoutbox at top of forums pls :(((
  13. as self appointed diversity officer i urge you to decline this app out of the many quotas we fail to meet disabled people are not one of them has called me a tranny multiple times, confused being transgender with being bipolar, is racist against Palestinians but has been around long enough - like a rash - to the point where not giving him member would be cruel edit- yeah no, gaffers post
  14. don't unless you have a reason to win10 is literally malware and the fact win 7 won''t be receiving updates anymore isn't an issue
  15. Quinn

    GTA 5 RP Server

    @Sir_Conor started looking into FiveM plugin creation, it uses C# (or lua or javascript) which I'm pretty familiar with and has pretty decent documentation, has an RP plugin been settled on yet?
  16. change ob - the retarded group grass is always greener idk wtf ur expecting conor to do? and i don't think there's anyone who would want to and be good at running this place i have full faith in the ability of current admin team to setup run and maintain and fivemrp server and fully expect it to be successful if we have even a small group of consistent players prop it up in the beginning and wrt your bitching about not getting power when you were mod, you being given it in the first place was a mistake
  17. Quinn

    GTA 5 RP Server

    FiveM uses Lua im pretty sure, i'd be happy to make shit for the server
  18. Quinn

    Article 13

    weewoo joke police
  19. Quinn

    Article 13

    because nigel farage former investment banker and archconservative is very passionate about putting a stop to the expansion of copyright law
  20. Quinn


    irony detection skills serving u well danny
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