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  1. Chris Lord

    Post one nice thing about the person above you

    unmuted me
  2. Chris Lord

    What is your biggest OH **** moment?

    sorry i don't think you understand what accidental means, you said you did it on purpose out of rage, that's not an accident
  3. Chris Lord

    Realm Royale

    why would you be upset about a free to play game copying a good free to play business model, the game is unique in gameplay terms but because it also adopts a GOOD free to play model that's a bad thing? absolutely awful way of thinking
  4. Chris Lord

    elon musk

    thank you gerald. very cool!
  5. Chris Lord

    elon musk

    no problem gerald wanna play ttt at some point today???
  6. Chris Lord

    elon musk

    more good ideas
  7. Chris Lord

    elon musk

    also if we're going to be intellectually honest with ourselves then i think this guy has a point as well
  8. Chris Lord

    elon musk

    mr space has really made some controversy recently but honestly i empathise with him a little if i went through all the effort of trapping a bunch of kids in a cave so that i could rescue them with my inventions, & then someone else saved them before me, i would probably be pretty angry too
  9. Chris Lord

    new ts

    discord is very user friendly that's dumb
  10. Chris Lord

    General Fitness/Health Thread

    lookin gud buddy xoxo
  11. Chris Lord


    discord roboting out for shroud (na internet) isn't evidence of anything lmao
  12. Chris Lord

    Classic WoW

  13. Chris Lord

    Ancestors Legacy

    i appreciate the review and description ty kej might pick up i can't help but lol at how the games industry is and how this is how you chose to refer to a game with blood in
  14. Chris Lord

    OB Fortnite Tourny

    redo the form and instead of voting for one day have it vote for all the days you're available