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  1. Sir_Conor

    Happy New year

    Doesn't count if its before 2019
  2. Sir_Conor

    Happy New year

    Happy new year my guys, hope you all have a great one.
  3. Sir_Conor


    Definitely not ARK ?
  4. Sir_Conor

    Hytale - Standalone game from Hypixel

    Guess its still gonna be awhile to release if the reservation system is only becoming available at some point within the next few months, ,although the game does looks interesting.
  5. Sir_Conor

    TS lagging

    From the Host: I restarted team speak on the box please see how that goes. Kind Regards, Robert Pearson Senior Network Technician
  6. 29/11/2018 - 19:00 - TS LAG

  7. 28/11/18 - 18:02 - TS LAG

  8. 25/11/18 - 16:45 - TS LAG.

  9. Sir_Conor

    It's over.

    What is dead may never die
  10. Sir_Conor

    Servers down?

    The "host" for the game servers is cheesepuff. @VENGA BUS What's your favourite place in Witcher 3?
  11. Sir_Conor

    TeamSpeak Complaint: Lewis (Resolved)

    As you post has no actual evidence that I asked it'll not be approved and this admin complaint will now be closed. If you want to discuss this further contact me via Teamspeak as you've either are misunderstanding my previous post or wilfully not accepting what I have said.
  12. Sir_Conor

    TeamSpeak Complaint: Lewis (Resolved)

    Mintlou, I'm genuinely confused by this "Admin Complaint", from my point of view it just seems very petty and there is no actual substance to this complaint. One of the biggest glaring issues with this request is that there is no actual evidence to look over... As mentioned in Evidence for Demos [READ BEFORE POSTING] and as there is no actual evidence I can't judge for myself the said incident. After speaking to Lewis, he said he actually did "leak a few game sounds". But it doesn't seem like a massive issue to me, if anything, a slight annoyance. But I'd class it on on the same level as using a soundboard every now and then, or have a slightly bad mic, or any other background noises that happen, we simply aren't going to go around warning everyone for every little annoyance. We aren't some draconian community, if we were, Keiji and his dogs would be gone first. If it was becoming a big issue for you and even after you had asked him to stop, he didn't, why didn't you just bring it up to Frostie? Who was in the TS room with you, at least he is in your "Evidence Pic". I spoke to Frostie but as he was actually playing on the Minigames server and trying to get the server populated, he said he wasn't paying too much attention to TS but if you had poked him he could've paid a few minutes attention and tried to resolve the issue. I've also noticed that you tagged the thread with "trollmodchoice" for me this just makes this thread look more of a petty and vindictive for little to no reason. This makes the whole complaint seem like a troll that you don't actually care about what happen just post something to try and make someone look bad as well as cause needless drama. We don't want to deal with troll request and will punish anyone that makes them. I am going to repeat and expand something that Lewis said, for future reference. This section is more for matters beyond your control, for instance: if an admin is abusing his power on the server, kicking people from teamspeak without reason, giving unwarranted bans on teamspeak or hiding threads without reason on the forums. If you submit a request please submit it with actual evidence, like videos or audio. Unless you have any actual evidence, this "Admin Complaint" will be closed. I would also suggest not making requests like this over seemingly small issues, if this is something that you start doing against others it is highly likely that the same is going to end up happening to yourself and as you happen to use soundboards more than often others, this is likely going to end up causing more issues for you.
  13. Coming Friday the 5th of October, Outbreak will be opening a new Minigames server. If you want to get involved in the opening, sign up below. The Sign up list is to reserve your place should the server end up being full. The server grand opening should start at 6:30pm and once everyone that has reserved their place has got in the server it'll then be opened to everyone on the next map change. The current setup for Minigames is going to be more focus towards maps rather than plugins and will evolve over time with player suggestions. Here is a link to our current Steam Workshop Map Collection. If you'd like to suggest any maps or other suggestion post in the below thread. If you have any other ideas or suggestions for things you'd like to see Outbreak do, such as other servers, games, events etc... Either message admin+ via the forums, or create a post under the S&Q Forum Section. Hope to see you all in our new server soon.
  14. Sir_Conor

    Chatbox Rules

    28/09/2018 - Updated Rule 2 - If it gets abused it will be removed.