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  1. Sir_Conor

    Away Thread

    Away for the weekend in the land of the potatoes.
  2. Sir_Conor

    Yo admins

    Going to be try finish setting a default FiveM with only a few of the plugin/mods throughout half-term. After that is set up and fully working it should just be add additional plugins/mods to customize the server but as I've never done one before I'm not 100% how long anything will take me I've spoken to a few people who play this a lot more to get an idea of things that we'll need and if there are any suggestions from feel free to give them. Mods are removed after a server has been released and they either not helped to do anything with it or if they not tried to help out anywhere else. We would usually get new mods after a server has been released as we can actually see if they play on it or not. For this server it'll probably be different as it is more likely to have things get could break and fuck everything up so I thought about having a few BETA stages and this we'll be where we can also get a chance to see who's playing the server before release and get a few extra mods beforehand. If anyone has any experience setting up FiveM servers let us know as it be helpful. Or if you want to help out more with the admin team whether that be through events, servers or any others suggestions feel free to give them.
  3. Sir_Conor

    Yo admins

    I've been away for the last 2 weeks but I've looking at setting up a GTA V/FiveM RP Server so if people are interested in that let us know. I'd like to get more events going if anyone wants to do any? We should have a couple coming from other members of the Admin Team soon from my knowledge. I'm also thinking about rather than doing events try out doing something like game nights, and just do a gathering of people on a game.
  4. Sir_Conor

    Hello boys And girls

    Weezy how you feel about Metro Exodus not being on Steam anymore and becoming an Epic launcher timed exclusive?
  5. Sir_Conor

    Happy New year

    Doesn't count if its before 2019
  6. Sir_Conor

    Happy New year

    Happy new year my guys, hope you all have a great one.
  7. Sir_Conor


    Definitely not ARK ?
  8. Sir_Conor

    Hytale - Standalone game from Hypixel

    Guess its still gonna be awhile to release if the reservation system is only becoming available at some point within the next few months, ,although the game does looks interesting.
  9. Sir_Conor

    TS lagging

    From the Host: I restarted team speak on the box please see how that goes. Kind Regards, Robert Pearson Senior Network Technician
  10. 29/11/2018 - 19:00 - TS LAG

  11. 28/11/18 - 18:02 - TS LAG

  12. 25/11/18 - 16:45 - TS LAG.

  13. Sir_Conor

    It's over.

    What is dead may never die
  14. Sir_Conor

    Servers down?

    The "host" for the game servers is cheesepuff. @VENGA BUS What's your favourite place in Witcher 3?
  15. Sir_Conor

    TeamSpeak Complaint: Lewis (Resolved)

    As you post has no actual evidence that I asked it'll not be approved and this admin complaint will now be closed. If you want to discuss this further contact me via Teamspeak as you've either are misunderstanding my previous post or wilfully not accepting what I have said.